We all have something we've dreamed of doing, whether it's learning how to play the drums or competing in a triathlon. The problem is, many of us never pick up the drumsticks or tie on our trainers, and Barclaycard wanted to change that. By creating a series of planned posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the company would motivate customers to use their Barclaycard to buy the items they need to #StartToday.
Below is the work my creative team successfully proposed in the first meeting with the account manager.
Started Yesterday
The frustration of being out of breath five minutes into a run, or the nagging voice in your head saying it's useless to keep going. Starting something new is difficult because we can't see the end result, so we create excuses and go back to our ordinary lives.
Why not inspire these individuals by showcasing elderly people who started something yesterday and are still doing it today? With a combination of static posts and videos, we can share the story about the day they started, and the impact it has had on their lives.
Barrier Breaker
Starting something new comes with a few setbacks, and at times, these burdens keep customers from pursuing their hobby. With the use of Facebook Live, Barclaycard will encourage its customers to overcome their barriers. Viewers will type in what has been holding them back and Barclaycard will destroy it by either smashing it with a bat, dropping a piano on it, or any other way viewers decide on.
Excuses, Excuses
We'll ask people to submit the barriers that are stopping them from starting today. We create a GIF generator and all the GIFs made are put into a GIPHY channel so people can post and share, which will prompt encouragement from friends and family to break through the barrier and #StartToday.
What's Your Excuse?
Everyone has a reason to not start something. It could be time, money, or kids, but what about the not-so-typical ones? Barclaycard will use Twitter and Facebook to surface a list of real, weird and surprising excuses. These will be posted regularly to stir up conversation around the barriers holding people back. Barclaycard will then create a competition where it asks its followers to tell them their own barriers using the hashtag #StartToday.
Turn the Tables
Influencers allow us to feel like we are part of their lives and inspire the way we dress, our health and overall lifestyle. By working with influencers who are famous for a particular topic, Barclaycard will encourage them to start something they've always wanted to try. Influencers will capture images and videos and create Facebook and Instagram stories of their journey.​​​​​​​
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