My business is disruption, but in a good way.
Having graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2017, I completed work for agencies around the world including iris Worldwide, ISEA Media100 Pound Social, and Estacar Companies, LLC. Gaining experience in small and global markets shaped me as a thinker, strategist, and communicator who can connect brands with individuals living in the Texas plains to the streets of London.
Curiosity is my best friend because it has introduced me to skills outside of my job title. I’ve worked hands-on in studios to record music, filmed and edited commercials, and designed animations for social media. My eagerness to understand and grow in these creative areas has allowed me to take part in projects that are needing an extra hand.
My mind is set on being the best in my field, and as extreme as that might be, I’ve never backed down from a challenge.
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