Call of Duty collaborated with Dominos for the game's release in November. The beloved pizza company wanted to highlight the new partnership through a series of social media posts. The only rule the creative team was given was that we couldn't promote any violence, weapons or death, and if you've ever played Call of Duty, you'd understand this would be a difficult task.
Below is the social media campaign the creative team and I produced.
Scavenger hunt
When playing Call of Duty WWII's story mode, the player battles enemies in the war-torn cities and countrysides of Europe. The idea is to mimic the action through Instagram by utilizing its tagging features as players make their way behind enemy lines to save Private Dom.
By creating a storyline, multiple Instagram accounts, and imagery, players will make decisions based on the situation they're in. Players will read the copy and choose their next move by clicking on one of two accounts tagged in the image. But, one wrong move and they'll find themselves back to where they started. When Players complete their mission, they will be notified that they're in the running for a free copy of Call of Duty WWII at the time of its release.
Below is the inspiration that helped us create the Dominos/Call of Duty WWII competition.
Call of Duty WWII has given its characters more personality and emotion to give players a unique, real-life experience as they play the game. When watching its promotional trailers, Call of Duty WWII highlights the facial expressions of the soldiers before, during and after a battle. By taking these features and a hint of pizza-related comedy, the idea was to make memes that speak to the audience and further push the idea that Dominos and Call of Duty WWII is the perfect pair.
Below are examples of memes I created to showcase our idea.
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