I was tasked with helping strategize one of Shell's most influential and groundbreaking campaigns called Journeys. The goal of this campaign was to increase food and drink sales to match petrol sales by 2020. After analyzing how the brand presents itself, we found that consumers associate Shell with petrol and not food or drink. The planning team decided to pitch the idea of Journeys and how Shell's food and drink products can enhance a consumer's experience. I brainstormed experiences people have and presented them the planning team. The ideas I created proved to be a success and will soon be distributed in a Journeys book, which will be distributed to Shell markets throughout the globe.
Shell Journeys Billboard: First kiss? Toe-popping bubblegum
Shell Journeys Billboard: Movie night? Eye-popping treats.
Shell Journeys: Scary campfire stories? Hauntingly-gooey s'mores.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Power yoga? Stress-free smoothies.
Shell Journeys Billboard: No destination? Timeless cokes for the road.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Away game? Stadium-worthy beer.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Lucky jersey? Game-winning meats.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Brunch at home? Step one of two.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Graduation party? Tear-jerking salsa.
Shell Journeys Billboard: Bachelor watch party? Intense butter taste.
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